Here are some of the biggest recent hack attacks of news outlets


LulzSec (Credit: LulzSec message (via Forbes))

First the New York Times, then the Wall Street Journal — this week both outlets were infiltration by alleged Chinese hacking groups, but hacking news organizations is anythign but a new trend.

Passwords and other data were stolen from both newspaper, but they were lucky enough to have their websites left unscathed.

“They could have wreaked havoc on our systems," said Marc Frons, the Times's chief information officer. "But that was not what they were after."

Other news agencies have not been so fortunate. The rise of cyber-crime has seen many news sites hacked and defaced by political groups and internet pranksters, alike. Here are some of the most recent and notable hack attacks:

May 7, 2011: Hacking collective LulzSec launched an attack on Fox News, releasing the names of 73,000 "X Factor" contestants, as well as compromising Fox’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. The motive for the attack? LulzSec hackers were retaliating for a Fox broadcast that allegedly insulted the rapper Common.

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May 29, 2011: LulzSec strikes again, this time against PBS. The hackers defaced the PBS website with the above image, which depicts Nyan Cat zooming across the PBS homepage. LulzSec also published headlines such as “Tupac still alive in New Zealand.”

August 3, 2012: Reuters fell prey to a more malicious hack. A politically motivated hacker fabricated and posted stories on the unfolding violence in Syria. One such article claimed that Syrian rebels had acquired chemical weapons, while another article claimed that rebel forces were planning to retreat to Turkey.

September 4, 2012: Cyber criminals hacked Al Jazeera in retaliation for the news agency’s support for Syrian rebel groups. The hacking group posted a Syrian flag on Al Jazeera’s website, along with a statement denouncing Al Jazeera’s “positions against the Syrian people and government."

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