Here's a sneak peek at the Jeremy Lin documentary


"Linsanity" (Credit: "Linsanity")

It's hard to say exactly where Jeremy Lin fits in the annals of great New York sports stories. But there's no question that for its brief run, Linsanity at least rivaled the Shot Heard 'Round the World, the Joe Namath guarantee and any of the other improbable, miraculous moments NYC has seen.

Lin might be a Houston Rocket now, but we'll always have those weeks in February last year when a no-name point guard from Harvard, who had been cut twice in his short NBA career, won games with clutch shots, dominated Kobe Bryant and became a full-on global sensation right from the Madison Square Garden floor.

The appropriately titled "Linsanity," a documentary premiering at Sundance this week, is the culmination of several years of work for filmmaker Evan Jackson Leong. The documentarian followed Lin on and off the court and at home in Palo Alto, Calif., exploring the 24-year-old's roots in Taiwan through that magical February at MSG.

While the movie doesn't have a release plan yet, we're sure you'll see it at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and in theaters and on TV very soon.

Until then, here are some revelations the film has to offer about the ex-Knick.


Lin-teresting facts from "Linsanity"

-- 1. Lin loves "The Lion King" so much that he still uses a blanket covered with Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, and he can play "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" on the keyboard.

-- 2. He says he failed his first two tests at Harvard: a math exam and a Chinese language exam.

-- 3. Ex-teammate Landry Fields' couch, which Lin famously stayed on during his early days with the Knicks, is smaller than you think. We're sure the 6-foot-3 point guard didn't get much sleep in Linsanity's earliest days.

-- 4. Lin was close to being cut before his star-making game against the Nets. How close? He says he asked then coach Mike D'Antoni if he should ship his car from California to New York, and D'Antoni told him not to just yet.


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