Hipsters love America as much as you do

(Credit: Urbanite)

Being a hipster is not all about tight pants, indifference, and scorn.

It's also about drinking beer. Specifically, cheap, watered-down Pilsener whose primary method of consumption is from cans.

For years, we too thought this was because, as Wikipedia would have it, "its low price and gritty, urban image appealed to the indie and hipster scenes, resuscitating the brand and lending it a great deal of trendy cachet."

Turns out it was a statement as counter-counter-cultural as Coors.

As the FP has it, Pabst Brewing Company is now the largest American-owner brewer, even though they outsource the actual brewing to SAB Miller, which is, of course, based out of South Africa.

-- David Freedlander

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