Holding out in Murray Hill

(Credit: Urbanite)

Ahh, the vagaries of New York real estate.

At this Murray Hill corner survives an attractive old townhouse, housing a longtime neighborhood liquor store that sports a distinctive neon sign -- one of our favorite old-school sights in the area.

A few years ago, the liquor store received a new neighbor. Built partially above our townhouse is a high-rise hotel, cantilevered oh-so-terrifyingly over its modest subject. The whole low-rise scheme of the surrounding block is thrown off by this aggressive and totally out-of-context intruder.

Hey, when you can't knock it down, just build around it! Find this only-in-New-York curiosity at East 37th Street and Third Avenue.

-- Rolando Pujol

Tags: murray hill , development , manhattan , signs , endangered nyc

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