I tawt I taw a putty cat

(Credit: Urbanite)

So, you saw our story yesterday and have decided you want to do what you can to save the wild cats of Kennedy.

Well, first of all, you should be commended. To take in a wild beast, who rips up furniture, scratches, and bites, and expect nothing in return? You are a saint, a prince of a human being.

Second of all, you are totally out of luck. Humane Society of the United States prez Patrick Kwan informs us that the animals cannot be domesticated, cannot live indoors, and cannot really even live out of doors any place other than their Kennedy-esque surroundings. Such is the lot of the feral.

However, if you would like to help, he recommends contacting the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, who are advocating for and (hopefully) instituting the Trap-Neuter-Return program.

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

--- David Freedlander

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