Is Pippa Middleton moving to New York?

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton (Credit: Pippa Middleton (Getty Images))

International style icon and in-law-to-the-royals Pippa Middleton may be hopping the pond and heading to the Big Apple - but she likely won't find the fan base here that she has overseas.

A British edition of Grazia magazine reported Tuesday that Dutchess Kate's little sis is contemplating ditching London for New York. The younger Middleton had her heart set on Paris until an incident with a gun-wielding playboy shamed her from the City of Lights and sent her searching for a new place to call home, away from the prying eyes of paparazzi, the report said.

The 28-year-old Middleton's forthcoming party-planning guide, "Celebrate," is set to hit stores in October, and reports indicate that her publisher, Penguin, will make New York a key stop on her book tour. Living in New York, on the other hand, might just be the best way for the stylish Brit to escape the spotlight.

"Celebrities want to come here because New Yorkers don't care about them," said Porsche Branett, 24, of the Bronx, adding: "I really don't care."

Another New Yorker didn't even recognize Pippa's name.

"I think that royalty only matters to British people," said Anna Pirzhanov, 21, of Murray Hill.

A next-to-noble knickerbocker could - at least temporarily - inject New York high society with a dose of royal prestige.

"For Middleton to move to Manhattan would certainly create a stir in the beginning," said Kelly Lynch, editor and "resident royal nut" at the blog Socialite Life, "but the frenzy would soon die down, and she would be able to go about her business every day just like any other New Yorker."

Middleton may not be bogged down with the official duties of a royal like her sister, but she is certainly a London hit. In January, an editor at Britain's Daily Mail claimed that he receives up to 400 photos a day of the socialite.

"I guess maybe her moving here would be a little cool, because she's a royal," said Milena Jasionek, 21. "She does have a great sense of fashion."


Hot Spots for Pippa

London's hottest commodity might be moving to NYC, so it's only fitting she'd frequent some of its hottest spots. Here, our picks for where Pippa might play and - of course - party.

Pippa would undoubtedly dine at this newish restaurant located on the bottom floor of a posh Upper East Side town house off Madison Avenue. The clientele is clubby, moneyed and hip, and the food is prepared by an alum of fellow scene-heavy restos The Waverly Inn and The Lion.

Boom Boom Room
After 10 p.m., this dazzlingly opulent space - located at the top of the Standard hotel - is typically reserved for the city's A-list, and home to some of the biggest after-parties around. Pippa should have no problem getting past the ironclad door to take in the stunning panoramic views.

H.K. Bennet
A favorite of Pippa's sister Kate, this Brit clothing store just opened its first NYC outpost in the Time Warner Center. Why would Pippa come all the way to New York to shop in a London store? The same reason why tourists from Ohio come here and shop at Forever 21 and get coffee from Starbucks.

(Perrie Samotin)

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