It's "Park" Slope, all right

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Greater prowess is now needed to find a parking space in Park Slope.

On Monday, the city began suspending the alternate side parking rule in the neighborhood. The suspension is temporary and intended to give the city time to change 9,200 street signs to reflect a new, less frequent sweeping schedule in Park Slope. The city has not said how long the parking rule would be halted, but until further notice, drivers are being allowed to leave their cars untouched for up to a week at a time.

"There's a big difference this week. Nobody's moving," said Vincent Kolb, 40, who lives in Park Slope and drives regularly. "You used to be able to find a spot in front of your house. Now you circle, and then you have to drag your stuff home. Or you double-park and face a $150 fine."

"For us residents, we're afraid to move our cars," agreed Brenda Casimir, 46, a resident who also owns P.S. Coffee Tea and Spices on 5th Avenue.But people who drive infrequently may reap the greatest benefit from the rule change, Kolb said.

"If you don't drive often, you never have to move your car, and you won't get a ticket," Kolb said. "But if you drive more often, then it's much harder to find a spot all the time."

While the parking changes are the talk of the neighborhood, it seems some people still don't know about it.

"I've actually mentioned it to a couple of customers, and they seemed to be totally unaware," said Hermian Charles, who owns the Serene Rose clothing store on 5th Avenue.

-- Megan Stride

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