Jersey Girl keeps it JERSEY at the Bruce Springsteen show ...

(Credit: Urbanite)

AP Photo/ Bill Kostroun

Five Brits visiting the States for last night's Bruce Springsteen show at Giants Stadium [PHOTOS] had the good fortune to be seated next to a bona fide Jersey Girl. Jersey Girl was somewhat sauced and struck up a conversation.

Urbanite had the good fortune to be seated directly behind this group and overheard the following exchange:

JERSEY: So where are you from?

BRITS: England

JERSEY: Oh! Eng-a-land! So is it your first time? For Bruce

BRITS: No, we saw him last weekend in Spain

JERSEY: Well let me tell you something about Bruce. I like sex. I like beer. But I LOVE Bruce Springsteen.

BRITS: [blank stares]

Then she wished us a "Happy Bruce Day!" Just like the tour's title ... it was "Magic."

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