Keane gives you a taste of its U.K. home with 'Cafe'


Keane (Credit: Keane)

It's fitting that one single from Keane's latest album is titled "Sovereign Light Cafe," named after a restaurant less than 10 miles from the group's hometown of Battle, in England.

The album, "Strangeland," is a return to stadium-rocking form for the British band, a sort of homecoming after the synth-pop stylings of their previous release, "Perfect Symmetry."

Tim Rice-Oxley, the group's main songwriter, sat down to talk with amNewYork while preparing to wrap up the American leg of the foursome's tour at Radio City Music Hall Thursday.

How important has it been for the band to stay grounded in where it's come from? When we started out we might have wanted to be U2 or the Beatles, be one of those massive bands. But as time's gone on we realized that we're not that sort of band and we're not those people. We're starting to be more comfortable with what kind of band we are. We're not glamorous or international jet set types. We're just four guys from the south of England who love making music.

What's the best dish at the Sovereign Light Cafe? The food is pretty home style. You can get a good sponge cake, the classic English tea time cake with a layer of cream and strawberry jam in the middle. Get that and a cup of tea, looking out over the English Channel on a funny summer evening in the south of England is pretty much my idea of heaven.

If you go: Keane is at Radio City Music Hall Thursday at 8 p.m., 1260 Sixth Ave., 212-307-7171, $39.50-$79.50.


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