Kelly Ripa dishes on 'Live' co-hosts at Super Saturday

Kelly Ripa at Super Saturday in the Hamptons.

Kelly Ripa at Super Saturday in the Hamptons. (Credit: Kelly Ripa at Super Saturday in the Hamptons. (Getty))

Stylish stars hunted for bargains at a super soggy Super Saturday to help raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund this weekend. It was a day of play for Super Saturday hostess with the mostess Kelly Ripa, who was happy to dish on the men circulating through her "Live! with Kelly" desk lately.

"Hot and steamy, that's how I like them," Ripa says. "One of my co-hosts was just here, Mark Feuerstein. ... I'm in love with him."

When it comes to the scoop on who's going to permanently fill that "Live" co-host's chair, "I'm telling you - and I mean this honestly - I will probably be the last person to find out," Ripa says.

"They try not to bog me down with those kinds of decisions. I really get along very well with all of the men - and women. I would feel blessed to have to sit with any of them every day. ... It's a wait-and-see game," Ripa adds.

"I will say that I get very nervous though when people cough or sneeze near me because I cannot get sick! I am terrified of getting sick; it's all I think about! I'm like, what happens if somebody sneezes on me? What do I do? Who will host the show?!" 

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