Kim Kardashian's wedding 'awkward': report

Kim and Kris

Kim and Kris (Credit: Getty Images)

Here’s a word we haven’t heard in reference to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ epic wedding.

“It was awkward,” an insider told Us Weekly of the super-lavish California bash.

“There were 100 crew members everywhere, and people kept complaining they almost got hit by five camera guys everywhere they went,” the source said, adding: “The helicopters were so loud nobody could hear the ceremony.” The source also said both Kim, 30, and Kris, 26, wore microphones, since the wedding was being taped for E!

Also odd: To keep the high-profile nups under wraps, guests were stripped of their cell phones, though the the Kardashians provided a “hotline” on the premises so guests could check in on their kids left behind at the hotel.

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