Kitchen tools you never knew you needed

Molecule-R Cuisine R-evolution Kit

Molecule-R Cuisine R-evolution Kit (Credit: Molecule-R Cuisine R-evolution Kit)

Great news for all the home cooks (of all levels) out there!

There are tons of products on the market that will not only make your cooking life easier (and better!) but will also actually fool your dinner guests into thinking you are in a culinary category above your natural talent.

To help you navigate the kitchen tools marketplace and find the best of the best to help you feign expertise, we've gathered a list of our favorite gadgets. Some are high-tech and some are not, but all are sure to impress.

1. Vitamix Professional Series 750
Mix like the professionals do with this blender-on-another-level. The 750 is approachable, intuitive and, best of all, powerful. We know -- a blender upgrade may not seem like a worthwhile investment, but we promise it's a smart move. Favorite uses: This powerful mixer-times-two is perfect for making creamy sauces and fresh fruit smoothies. $689, Vitamix.com

2. NutriBullet
Like its predecessor, the Magic Bullet, this gadget packs a punch -- and, bonus, helps you eat healthy with minimal effort. Sounds ideal, right? We'll leave the scientific explanations up to them, but in layman's terms, this mixing powerhouse makes your body do less to get more of the good stuff. Genius! Favorite uses: Have this on hand for a post-workout snack or protein shake. $119.94, Nutribullet.com

3. Trudeau Perfect Infuser
Oils and vinegars can be your biggest ally in the kitchen, and there's no reason to buy prepackaged bottles for every flavor when you can make them yourself. Thanks to at-home oil infusers like this one, you can add flavor and depth yourself in two simple steps. Our advice? Start with simple experimentation. No one likes Oreo-flavored olive oil... that we know of. Favorite uses: Add a tinge of orange or fig to your favorite olive oils for an extra burst of flavor. $34.99, Shoptrudeau.com


4. JosephJoseph Nest 7 Plus Stack
Part of using your kitchen wisely is stocking your kitchen wisely, and the team at JosephJoseph knows that. These stackables are perfect for kitchens of any size, and will keep you measured, mixing and stacking like a pro, even in those tiny New York City kitchenettes. Finally, your tiny apartment is no excuse for frozen food! (Need a little help? See column below!) Favorite uses: Pull these babies out when entertaining. They will impress. $30, Josephjoseph.com

5. Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender
Old-fashioned stand mixers are a thing of the past. This tiny handheld gadget is compact, efficient and promises to keep your cooking coming along smoothly (no pun intended). Favorite uses: With a hand blender, it's even easier to "whip" up something great. Meringues or mousse in a snap, anyone? $34.95, Cuisinart.com

6. Jaccard 45-Blade Meat Maximizer Meat Tenderizer
This handy little tool will take your meat to a whole new level. It might not look like much, but with its 45 stainless steel blades, this tenderizer lets all our carnivorous favorites absorb flavor and stay moist in a way you never thought possible. We're on top of the food chain for a reason, let's enjoy it up here. Favorite uses: Pound out a cut of lean meat, steak or pork to add extra juicy tenderness. $35, Jaccard.com

7. Molecule-R Cuisine R-evolution Kit
Not all helpful kitchen supplies come in the form of gadgets. Our favorite way to feign culinary greatness? This box set. It includes all the ingredients you need to try your hand at molecular gastronomy: the meeting of food and science. You'll even impress yourself with what you create. That's what Instagram is for anyway, right? Favorite uses: Get creative, and push your cooking technique to the next level. What do you have to lose? $58.95, Molecule-r.com



8. OXO Silicone Steamer
This malleable little steamer makes one of the healthiest forms of cooking exciting. Microwave (and stovetop) safe, the OXO Silicone Steamer fits into nearly any pot or bowl, for easy steamed veggies, fish or anything else you can dream up. And bonus, it cleans quickly and rolls up for storage in even the smallest spaces. Favorite uses: Steam up a bundle of mixed veggies for an easy, no-mess and healthy side dish for your next home-cooked dinner. $16.99, Oxo.com

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