Lady Gaga's 'Saturday Night Live' gag guide

Lady Gaga will perform the final concerts at

Lady Gaga will perform the final concerts at Roseland Ballroom, beginning on March 28, which is her 28th birthday. (Credit: Getty Images)

Lady Gaga is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. Here are our tips for the flamboyant singer to get some deserved applause. (Get it?) Hopefully Ms. Gaga is reading our little guide to getting gags.

1: DO stay within your comfort zone. Play characters that have some connection to music. Maybe co-host “What’s Up With That?” with Kenan Thompson.

2: DON’T wear your weird stuff: meat dresses, clown makeup, etc. Let them laugh at the jokes, not the clothes that everyone’s already grown bored with.

3: LEARN from the most successful musician to host SNL, Justin Timberlake. That means actually becoming characters and not merely playing different versions of yourself.

4: Say NO if writers make you do anything political: No one needs your riff on health care.

5: Go THERE. You must play Madonna in a sketch, since everyone says you rip her off. And maybe SNL will do that thing where Madonna actually shows up in the sketch and stares you down to wild applause and then gets in on the joke, which they do like five times a year.

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