Let Paul Newman die in peace

Is Paul Newman dying or not?

A report in London’s Daily Mail cites the usual “close family friend,” as saying that legendary actor had left the New York City hospital where he’d been treated for cancer. The unidentified pal continued: “Paul didn’t want to die in the hospital” and had gone home.

With friends like this, the 83-year-old actor hardly needs enemies. Newman has always kept a sensible distance from the celeb press. Instead of posing for the paps, he’s an old-fashioned up-front philanthropist (Hole in the Wall Gang for disabled children; Newman’s Own foods, which has dispensed $175 million to charity) and political activist (liberal Democrat). Unlike a newer generation of Hollywood stars, he’s never seen fit to, say, sell photos of his new-born children.

So, given the man’s grace, it’s maybe too much to hope that he could be left alone to get on with his life, or his death, as the case may be. Instead, the bloggers – perhaps smarting from last week’s failure to pick up on the Bernie Mac story before it was too late – are weighing in.

“Newman,” reports something called ‘Readandgain,' "is said to be putting his affairs in order and even gave away his prized Ferrari -- a move that apparently angered his children who are having a hard time coming to grips with his imminent death.

And the so-called mainstream press, depressingly, is following close behind. His wife, actress Joanne Woodward and his daughters “are beside themselves with grief," reports Fox News – courtesy of another (unnamed) source.

Well, then, just leave the man -- and his wife and his kids, maybe even his family 'friends' -- alone.

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--By Linda Perney

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