Lindsay Lohan can't afford her $8k/month rent: Report

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan (Credit: Lindsay Lohan (Getty Images))

The unending drama that is Lindsay Lohan's life took yet another turn, as the star now can't afford to pay her rent and is hitting up friends to cover the cost, according to

Linz lives in an $8,000-per-month Beverly Hills mansion, for which she signed a year lease in February when her career was bouncing back, TMZ said.

But with her finances in shambles -- the IRS reportedly seized her bank accounts recently to collect back taxes -- she simply can't make rent and is bumming money from friends, the gossip site said.

Not only that, but the mansion recently got a $200,000 renovation for the Bravo show "Million Dollar Decorators," and now that the work is done, Lohan wants nothing to do with the show, TMZ reported.

But it's not all bad for Lohan, 26.

Apparently her romance with Wanted singer Max George is heating up, as she seems to have swiped a sweatshirt of his, then tweeted a photo of the duds at him, saying, "Missing something?"


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