Mad Men's creator surprises fans at Manhattan season finale bash

(Credit: Urbanite)

"Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner chats with Roberta Lipp, left, and her sister Deborah, who run the popular blog on the show, "Basket of Kisses." (Photo: Elisabeth Stuveras)

By Rolando Pujol

Matt Weiner, the screenwriter who brought Don Draper to life, showed up at an Upper East Side "Mad Men" fan bash Sunday night, stunning partygoers who has just watched the season finale.

The gregarious Weiner was surrounded by fans eager to get his signature on "Mad Men" party favors and Zippo-lighter-shaped DVD boxes and chat him up about the AMC show that recently took the Emmy for top drama.

"I love how much it's come into the culture, that it seems to be well-timed, and that you don't have to be embarrassed about being smart. It makes you feel smart watching the show. Nothing is given to you." said Weiner during his appearance at Phoenix Park, where the party was thrown by Deborah and Roberta Lipp, who run the popular "Mad Men" blog "Basket of Kisses." (You're not a fan if you can't appreciate its name.)

Weiner, a former executive producer and writer for "The Sopranos," nursed the idea for years before AMC gave him the platform last summer. He lived every TV writer's dream this weekend -- capping a successful second season and seeing his show's star, Jon Hamm, host "Saturday Night Live."

"I didn't think I'd do that many episodes. I certainly didn't know if it would go beyond a season. I was thrilled that the pilot got shot. Literally, you can go back and make a list of what you hoped to happen."

So what's up with season three? Better wait.

"Guys, it just aired. I just finished it last Tuesday. I'm here in the city to soak it in and start over."

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