Manhattan has more commuting workers than anywhere in the country: Census


Straphangers (Credit: (Getty Images))

Manhattan has the most commuters in the country, with about 1.6 million workers coming into the borough from somewhere else, according to census data released Tuesday.

Of those 1.6 million people, about 391,008 travel in from Brooklyn, 370,243 are from Queens and 191,620 come from the Bronx, according to census figures. About 95,000 come in from Nassau County, with another 82,000 commuting from Westchester, the census reported.

"It is well-known that Manhattan draws a lot of commuters to work," said Brian McKenzie, a Census Bureau statistician who studies commutes. "This information shapes our understanding of the boundaries of local and regional economies, as people and goods move across the nation's transportation networks."

Meanwhile, about 131,000 Manhattan residents leave the borough for work, with about 27,000 going to the Bronx, about 24,000 going to Brooklyn and about 20,000 heading to Queens.


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