Medical Examiner rules Lower East Side woman's death accidental

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No foul play was involved in the death of a Lower East Side woman, the city's medical examiner found Tuesday, but there still are lingering questions in her demise.

A spokeswoman for the ME said Tuesday that an autopsy found that Carlisle Brigham Champalimaud died from blunt impact injuries to her neck and head.

Initially, the police said the 29-year-old was slashed after she was found by neighbors bleeding heavily from her neck Monday morningat her Orchard Street building. The ME however said that the wound was sustained when Champalimaud fell down the stairs.

"This has been ruled completely accidental," ME spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said.

The spokeswoman and police could not comment on reports that Champalimaud tripped on her high heels. A police source said that the St. Louis native was drinking before the time of her death, but a full toxicology report won't be ready for a couple of weeks.

Champalimaud was the daughter of James R. Brigham Jr., the city's former budget director and former chair of the New York City Public Development Corporation.

Brigham called former Mayor Ed Koch after he got word of his daughter's death and both were distraught about the accident, according to published reports.

Last year, Champalimaud married hotel businessman Anthony Lindley Champalimaud, 34; however, the couple may have recently separated. He was not in the country during her time of death, police said.

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