Meeting Monday at Gracie Mansion on school bus strike

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has stepped in to try to end the school bus strike.

A representative for the mayor said today's Gracie Mansion meeting will be among the bus companies, the members of Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union and a mediator. No city representatives will take part in the meeting.

"The mayor reached out to both the bus companies and union to arrange a meeting in hopes that they can come to an agreement to end the strike and resume bus service for thousands of students," the spokeswoman said.

Michael Cordiello, the union president, has been pushing the mayor to come to the bargaining table and still called for Bloomberg to meet with him directly.

"Until that happens, the strike goes on," he said in a statement.

The union went to strike nearly two weeks ago after the mayor denied to put employee protection provision -- which would guarantee jobs for current workers -- in the bids for school bus contracts. The mayor reiterated that the courts deemed the provision illegal and he needed to put out the contracts to curb the $1.1 billion annual cost for school buses.

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