Mickey Rourke's necklace gifted by Queens woman

(Credit: Urbanite)

Mickey Rourke thanked Queens resident Bettina Wassermann for sending him a necklace with a picture of his deceased chihuahua, Loki.

By Julie Gordon

It was doggone good luck for Flushing's Betina Wassermann when Mickey Rourke wore a necklace she made to the Oscars last Sunday to honor his deceased chihuahua, Loki.

“I recently lost a dog myself,” Wassermann told us. “I just wanted to do something nice for a fellow dog lover who is heartbroken.”

The 44-year-old designer sent a pendant to Rourke’s publicist and to her “complete amazement,” the actor, who was nominated for his comeback role starring in the “Wrestler,” called the next day to thank her.

“I’m just a chick from Queens selling my jewelry at flea markets and craft fairs,” she said.

"Mr. Rourke actually took time out of his busy schedule to call and thank me personally. I was shocked,” she said. “Imagine how busy he must have been with the Oscars around the corner. I honestly do not believe that would have happened if it had been anyone other than Mickey Rourke."

Wassermann, who wears a similar necklace around her neck with a picture of her Chinese Crested dog, Igor, said the Loki pendant — two 1-by-1-inch images soldered between glass (front and back) — is not being reproduced. However, custom styles are available for $30 at wickedworld.etsy.com.

"This was meant to be a token of love from one dog lover to another," Wassermann said.

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