Movie Review: 'Afternoon Delight' -- 3 stars

Kathryn Hahn in "Afternoon Delight"

Kathryn Hahn in "Afternoon Delight" (Credit: Kathryn Hahn in "Afternoon Delight")

Afternoon Delight
3 stars
Directed by Jill Soloway
Starring Kathryn Hahn, Juno Temple, Josh Radnor
Rated R

Best known for her comedy work in movies such as “Step Brothers,” Kathryn Hahn demonstrates serious dramatic chops in “Afternoon Delight.”

She plays bored Los Angeles stay-at-home mom Rachel, a cauldron of frustrations, who befriends a stripper named McKenna (Juno Temple) and brings her to the posh pad she shares with husband Jeff (Josh Radnor) and their son.

The ensuing seriocomic havoc is predictable, but carried by Hahn’s fascinating performance, which unpacks complex depths of feeling beneath Rachel’s hyper exterior. The star shows us a person brimming with relatable anxiety in this full-fledged portrait of a woman trapped in her life and desperate for an escape.

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