MTA shaves cost, features from 96th Street station rehab

(Credit: Urbanite)

(Illustration courtesy NYC Transit)

By Heather Haddon

The much-anticipated rehab of the 96th Street station will be cheaper, faster and a little less accessible for handicap riders.

Engineers have shaved $26 million from the renovation to the station serving the No. 1, 2 and 3 line by reducing the depth and width of the underground platform, according to MTA renderings presented Monday.

Officials expect the $93 million project to wrap up 20 months earlier that previously scheduled, as workers won’t have to drill into the bedrock or relocate many utilities.

Still, the redesign does not include a new escalator included in the original plan. Engineers also removed one of the three elevators originally proposed.The MTA expects the project to complete by 2010. Street-level work first began in 2007.

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