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Man, be glad you don't (like amNY sports editor Max)

live at 475 Kent. Residents stood out in the cold today waiting to get the last of their things after the Fire Dept. discovered they were living above a matzo factory.

I, by chance interviewed Eve Sussman, who lives in the building and is a fabulous artist who was the darling of the Whitney Biennial a few years back. She was super-nice, though reeaallly angry about all that had happened in the last few days. She said you can’t make art and live in New York City any more. “All the artists I know are moving to Berlin,” she said. “This city is using artists like it has for the last 30 years, to clean up neighborhoods so that the developers can move in.”

We wrote about this here

And for more on Sussman here:

Eve Sussman's The Rape of the Sabine Women Trailer from creativetime on Vimeo.

Photo from I'm Just Sayin'

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