New swine flu cases reported at New York City school

By Jason Fink

There are 20 more cases of swine flu at a Queens Catholic school, city officials confirmed Monday, adding that the number is likely to exceed 100 once all the testing is completed.

In New York City, there is now a total of 28 confirmed cases, with another 17 likely, said Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“We are monitoring this illness very carefully,” Bloomberg said.

All the people with suspected and confirmed cases are from St. Francis Preparatory School in Fresh Meadows, which was closed Monday and will be closed again Tuesday. Several students from the school spent spring break in Mexico and city officials say the strain matches one found there, where nearly 150 have died and more than 1,000 sickened from the swine flu.Officials have described the cases in New York as mild, and yesterday city Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden said all but two of the more 100 people reporting symptoms have improved. The two who did not get better did not get worse, he said.

The city is asking all students to fill out questionnaires about their health and travel and about a third have done so.

Though the infections represent only one “cluster,” administration officials cautioned that the illness could crop up elsewhere.

“We wouldn’t be surprised if we see other cases in the city,” Frieden said.

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