New York scores in new Forbes list of the biggest companies in the world

JPMorgan is among the big companies to release

JPMorgan is among the big companies to release earnings numbers this week. (Credit: J.P. Morgan is among the big companies to release earnings numbers this week.)

Fifty-two New York-based companies made the new Forbes Global 2000 list, an annual ranking of the 2,000 largest, most powerful public companies in the world.

New York's Wall Street and big media companies are particularly prominent players on the global stage, observed Forbes 2000 list editor Scott DeCarlo: Of the 52 city companies that made the list, "13 of those are in the financial sector and 10 are media companies," he said. The companies were chosen for inclusion based on equal weightings of sales, profits, assets and market value.

After losing ground to China during the past decade, the U.S. bounced back a bit this year, adding 19 companies since 2012, for a total of 543. Most U.S. companies were in New York or California, DeCarlo said. Asia-Pacific countries held the most positions, claiming 715 slots. Europe, Middle East and Africa claimed 606.

The top companies worldwide were the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, the China Construction Bank and JPMorgan Chase -- all banking firms -- followed by General Electric and Exxon Mobile.

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