New Yorkers sound off on Obama's visit to China

New York City boasts the world’s largest community of Chinese residents outside of Asia with more than 600,000 people, many of them living in Chinatown, Flushing and Sunset Park. While that hardly compares to China’s 1.3 billion population, New Yorkers still feel a strong link to “PRC.”

amNewYork spoke with a residents about their hopes for President Barack Obama’s China visit.

“I do want the two countries to work closely together and really be supportive of each other, in every sphere. … I just hope the president will continue to push for comprehensive immigration reform.”
— Margaret Chin, city councilwoman-elect

“Pretty much everyone is concerned about the economy.”
— Edison Jiang, 21, Flushing

“Tell China to improve the legal system. There are too many holes. It’s not very mature and copyrights are suffering.”
— Frank Lin, 52, Flushing

“The president should stay firm on human rights issues and also look for ways to enhance economic opportunities.”
— John Liu, comptroller-elect

“China is probably going to push the U.S. to reduce its commitment to Taiwan. … If Obama gets too weak when talking to PRC, neighboring countries will get nervous.”
— Justin Yu, president of the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

“America tries to make Taiwan independent, separate. That’s lots of political problems. There’s no point for America to make conflict.”
— Thomson Leung, 27, Chinatown

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