Newt Gingrich revamps presidential campaign after major losses


Gingrich (Credit: Getty)

Newt Gingrich's ailing campaign is getting a facelift.

The Republican presidential nominee candidate is revamping his campaign by ousting a third of his full-time staff and cutting back his campaign schedule, communications director Joe DeSantis told POLITICO.

This comes only a few days after the release of campaign manager, Michael Krull, who "agreed to resign," according to DeSantis.

Vince Haley, deputy campaign manager, policy director and nine-year member of the Gingrich camp, replaced Krull last weekend.

Gingrich officials did not specify who else would be placed on the chopping block, adding they are "not getting into it right now besides Krull." His camp did not return a call for comment.

However, junior and advance staff will be affected, according to an unidentified campaign official, and the advance staff was asked to submit their final expense reports on Tuesday.

Gingrich spoke to WTOP radio Wednesday after the announcement said, "We're staying in."

"That's exactly why we're downsizing and doing what we need to be able to stay in. I think you have to respond to reality and we've had, you know, the cash flow was shorter than we'd like it to be. So we're doing the appropriate things to be able to campaign," he said.

The former speaker of the house and fellow Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum argue frontrunner Mitt Romney cannot reach the 1,144 delegates he needs to secure the GOP nomination.

While both are aware that they cannot attain the necessary delegates, they're hoping they may be able to stop Romney from doing so as well.

"Mitt Romney doesn't have 1,144 delegates," Gingrich told WTOP. "There is no sign yet that he is guaranteed to get 1,144. For some reason, everybody in the establishment is chanting that Santorum and I should quit."

The GOP presidential contender is currently in third place after embarrassing primary losses in Alabama and Mississippi — two states critical to his campaign strategy.

Gingrich's new approach will focus largely on necessity and become more digitally focused, using social media and low-cost communication tools, according to DeSantis.

His campaign-finance report for February showed $1.55 million in debt and only $1.54 million cash-on-hand.

But Gingrich refuses to throw in the towel, likening the GOP race to a sport and refusing to drop out before the season closer.

"Until Mitt Romney has 1,144 locked down, solidly, I owe it to the people that have helped me over the past year to represent their views and their values," Gingrich said.

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