Nightmare MTA cuts live on in street map

(Credit: Urbanite)

By Heather Haddon

The doomsday service cuts have hit Manhattan — at least on paper.

The most recent edition of the STREETWISE Manhattan map reflects the cuts to bus and subway lines approved by the MTA in March but reversed earlier this month after the state delivered new funding.

The 2009 edition of the ubiquitous laminated street maps show the M line truncating at Broad Street instead of continuing on to Brooklyn during rush hour. Meanwhile, the W and Z lines have simply vanished, as the MTA originally proposed.

“These doomsday maps show how close New York came to subway apocalypse,” said Gene Russianoff, of the Straphangers Campaign.The M6, M8, M10 and M30 bus routes also have disappeared on the flip side of the pocket map, since the MTA was on the brink of eliminating two dozen local bus routes.

A spokeswoman for STREETWISE Maps Inc. said the Sarasota-based company scraped the lines on an early 2009 print run. With Albany unable to agree on funding, the printers didn’t want to advertise service that could vanish. The company would not say how many of their accordion-folded, $6.95 maps were printed with the service cuts.

“This wasn’t an easy decision to make,” spokeswoman Andrika Brown said.

The subway and bus routes will be returned to subsequent editions of the map. Brown did not indicate when this would occur, but said the map is printed frequently because of its popularity.

The MTA declined to comment.

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