Not for Hillbillies: Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car now in NYC

(Credit: Urbanite)

Being super rich just got more fun in Manhattan.

While the rest of us find ways to avoid even paying for gas to get away this weekend, wealthy folk are figuring out what sports car they want to rent for their drive out of town.

The luxury rental market is expanding with the introduction of Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car’s first Manhattan — and East Coast — location set to open Tuesday.

Rent a Bentley for $2,000 a day or just $12,000 a week, according to the Web site. But the site also says that rate is for 50 miles a day and it will cost $1 for every extra mile.

Here are some other rates:

Rolls Royce drophead: $7,500 a day or $45,000 a week

Aston Martin Vanquish: $3,500 a day or $21,000 a week

Lamborghini Gallardo : $3,000 a day or $18,000 a week

1959 Cadillac Convertible: $595 a day or $3,570 a week

-- Garett Sloane

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