NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly speaks out about handguns

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NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said ont CBS's "Face The Nation" Sunday that the real issue in gun control is handguns, which are used in 60% of murders in New York City.

Kelly said he would support an assault weapon ban, but those guns only account for 2% weapon possession arrests in the city.

On assault weapon ban, Kelly said:

"For us in New York City, … the problem really is concealable handguns. … We simply have too many of them (hand guns), even though we had a record low in shootings in New York City last year, it's still way too many."

On gun control infringing on citizen's rights:

"The concept of people having a right to guns with some legitimate regulations is here to stay. We're not looking to infringe on anyone's rights to have a gun legally. We're looking to get the illegal guns off our streets."

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