Occupy Wall Street protests to return on May Day

Occupy Wall Street participants down Broadway on May

Occupy Wall Street participants down Broadway on May Day last year. (Getty) (Credit: Occupy Wall Street participants down Broadway on May Day last year. (Getty))

Occupy Wall Street plans a big show of solidarity across the city Wednesday.

Several workers-advocate groups and unions have scheduled various May Day events at City Hall, Washington Square Park and Zuccotti Park, among other locations, according to Internet listings.

Among the scheduled events is a human chain of support around Union Square Park. Chain organizers La Fuentean immigrant rights group, said workers from all over the city will descend on the park around 4 p.m. and create a permitter while holding hands.

Brendan Kelly, a spokesman for LaFuente, predicted a couple hundred people will be part of the chain. But, he said, the organization doesn't aim to be an inconvenience for parkgoers.

"No one will be blocked from the park. People will be allowed there. It's more a symbolic chain," he explained.

Despite those reassurances, barricades were waiting to be installed Tuesday in anticipation of the protests.

Last year's May Day demonstrations included numerous mass protests throughout Manhattan and ended in a long march south on Broadway to the Financial District.

Several celebrities, including Rage against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, took part in activities last year. It's unknown if any big names will show up Wednesday.

Tens of thousands of protesters hit the streets last year and police arrested more than 30 people.

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