Office taste test: Fresh Direct's new tabla meals

(Credit: Urbanite)

We here at amNewYork are big fans of both FreshDirect, and Indian food so imagine our excitement when Tabla's new 4-minute meals arrived earlier today.

So far, we've only tasted two (the Tabla Masala-Spiced Macaroni with Creamy Spinach and Paneer and the Chicken Coconut Curry with Basmati Rice). And the verdict is:

For microwaveable meals, these are pretty good. The spices were balanced, chicken was moist and the portions were reasonable for the price ($6.99 for the vegetarian, $7.99 for the chicken dish). The vegetarian dish tasted like an Indian version of macaroni and cheese and it was the preferred choice.

If you want to feel less like you're eating a TV dinner and more like you're having a restaurant meal, we recommend spooning the dishes out of their plastic containers and onto a plate.

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