On eBay, it's going, going gone for Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch collectibles

(Credit: Urbanite)

Would you pay $41 for two mugs, one from Lehman Brothers and the other from Merrill Lynch? That's the minimum bid right now if you want a chance to win a heated eBay auction for memorabilia from the fallen Wall Street giants.

If you’re seeking Lehman Brothers booty, there appears to be no shortage: hats, travel Thermoses and even something called "operating principles cubes" are up for grabs right now on Ebay.

The Lehman-Merrill mugs are both from the 1970s and are termed “classic collectable cups” by seller macklem2005.

Ebay seller ny_dealmaker is selling a “Lehman Brothers Color Changing Travel Thermos.” The former employee writes: “Make my lose your gain.”

On the description of a green Lehman Brothers T-shirt for sale, mandi8403 writes: “Please bid to help me raise plan B financing for my rent check next month AND receive this lovely soon-to-be vintage tee.”

So far, the most popular item is a Lehman Brothers mug, which has been bid on 22 times. Another mug and a baseball hat are tied for second with 15 bids each, followed closely by an unopened employee operating principles cube, which has 14 bids.

The description for the Lehman hat says it all.

“I worked here for half of my career. Bought most of my stock at a weighted average price of $45. Enough said. I think we can all appreciate the irony here.”

-- Amanda Magnus

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