Orchard Beach express bus canned this summer

(Credit: Urbanite)

By Heather Haddon

Looking to get to the “Bronx Riviera” this summer? You’ll need to pack some beach reading for the bus.

Bx12 service to Orchard Beach went local this week, with NYC Transit scraping the long-standing express service to the sandy spot this year because of confusion for riders, the agency said.

Running for at least a decade, the express skipped about a half dozen stops to the beach along congested Fordham Road. The Bx12 is the city's fourth busiest bus line, and hundreds of sun-seekers take it to the beach on nice summer days, bus operators said.“It's going to be a lot more crowded,” said Vaughn Brooks, a Bx12 bus driver for eight years. “The local buses are a lot more beat up than the (express) bus.”

The MTA expanded express routes — called “select bus service” — last year to Co-Op City. However, the change caused confusion and longer wait times when the usual summer Orchard Beach service began because only some buses would go to the beach, officials said.

“While select bus service was a popular option for customers going to the beach in the summer, it created confusion and inconsistencies,” NYC Transit officials said.

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