Ozzy doesn't hold back in new doc


Ozzy (Credit: Getty)

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne wasn't shy at a press event yesterday for the documentary "God Bless Ozzy Osbourne," which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival last week.

Nor did he hold much back on-screen, allowing directors Mike Feliss and Mike Piscitelli to follow him around for two years and interview members of his family.

"As I'm getting older now, a lot of the friends I used to go party out with, they're all dead," Osbourne said. "The fact that I've been through that - I'm not proud of the fact that I've been through all that, but it's a part of my journey. I'm lucky to be alive. I'm lucky to be playing music.

"I just want to be honest - I've never been one to shy away from the bad parts," the 62-year-old Prince of Darkness added.

After watching the film, Osbourne said his biggest takeaway was "what an a------ I've been in the past."

"When you're in it, you don't realize you're as bad as you really are," he said.

Ozzy's 25-year-old son, Jack Osbourne, was a producer on the documentary about his father, and said that his production company has had "talks about maybe doing something with Tommy Lee" for its next project.



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