Pizza is New York City's most-delivered food, data shows

The Brussels sprout pizza is a winner at

The Brussels sprout pizza is a winner at Motorino in Williamsburg. (Credit: Pam Zaremba)

Pizza, pad Thai and chicken tikka masala rule in New York City when it comes to ordering food online.

Those are the city's three most popular takeout dishes for delivery, according to new data from, which also found that delis and diners are the most popular delivery categories, followed by Chinese, Italian, Japanese and burgers.

The data also found that, unsurprisingly, New Yorkers like staying in when it's cold out: 20% more orders were placed in February this year than in July.

Not only that, New Yorkers on the whole are ordering more and more, as online ordering sites have taken off, said Neeraj Sharma, vice president of marketing for, one such site headquartered in New York City.

"We're definitely seeing uptick in adoption of people ordering delivery," Sharma said. New York's "dining landscape has changed in the sense where people and restaurants are turning toward delivery in a big way, and more and more are offering delivery and using platforms like ours as marketing vehicles to get to customers."

Sharma added: "People are just so busy in the city that any service like ours that makes their life easier is always something that's picked up."

Indeed, some New Yorkers said they live by online food delivery. Chanel Love, 24, of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, said she orders between three and seven times a week because of the ease and time saved.

"It's convenient, especially while at work during a busy shift or on those off days when you'd rather play couch potato than throw together a full-on ensemble just to grab a quick bite," Love said, adding that she uses GrubHub, Seamless and Eat24.

It's much easier "to find restaurants in the neighborhood without walking to the ends of the earth or calling numerous restaurants just to find one that would deliver to me," she added.

Nicholas Vargas, 20, of the Upper East Side, said he orders all the time because he doesn't "have a clue of how to cook and [is] not interested in learning," and that it's a given that Thai would be so high on the list.

"Thai is my favorite because I'm just always in the mood for it," he said. "Doesn't surprise me at all, I feel like there's so many Thai places in New York."

And Kelleh Jian, 23, of Bensonhurst, orders between two and four times per week because the time saved by ordering meals online is invaluable. Jian wasn't surprised that more people order when the weather's bad.

Sometimes "I'm simply too lazy to get an umbrella out and go through the bad weather," Jian said.


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