Pokey Awards: M66 and M42 tie for the dishonor of slowest bus in the city

Pokey Awards

Pokey Awards

The M66 and M42 buses are the slowest buses in the city, earning them each top honors for this year's Pokey Awards, according to the Straphangers Campaign.

Both buses clocked in at 3.9 mph at noon on a weekday, slower than the average amusement park bumper car, said Gene Russianoff, attorney for Straphangers Campaign, which hands out the annual dishonor.

"The M66 and M42 are excruciatingly slow," Russianoff said. They "would lose a race to an amusement park bumper car -- and be a lot less fun!" he said, adding that bumper cars can of 4.3 mph. Last year, the M50 won the award.

The M66 bus, which travels crosstown along 65th and 66th streets, moved an average of 12,764 riders every weekday in 2011. The M42, which travels crosstown along 42nd Street, moved 14,996 per weekday in 2011.

Paul Steely White, executive director of Transportation Alternatives, said the two lines are so pokey because they've been ignored.

"The M66 and M42 are falling behind their peers because they're children of neglect," he said. "It's high time the city and state invested in making every bus the high achievers New Yorkers deserve."

The Straphangers Campaign awarded the Schleppie Award to the M4 this year, meaning it is the least reliable route in the city.

Nearly 30% of M4's arrived with big gaps in service or bunched together, the Straphangers Campaign said, inconveniencing the 20,000 or so passengers who take the route each weekday.

Still, the group praised the MTA's SBS initiative, which aims to increase bus speed through exclusive lanes, payment before boarding, custom bus designs and more.

The MTA said it’s “very aware that bus speeds in the city are low,” and that it’s working to improve them, citing the SBS routes.

“It is not surprising that the M66 and M42 routes were identified as being particularly slow, given the construction along the two routes,” the MTA said.

The agency added: “As off-board payment, a component of SBS, continues to expand, we would expect to see a decrease in dwell times at high volume stops with a corresponding increase in speed.”



The Straphangers Campaign Tuesday unveiled the winners for its Annual Pokey awards.

Here are the slowest buses for each borough:

MANHATTAN: Tie, M66 and M42 at 3.9 mph
BRONX: Bx19 at 4.9 mph
BROOKLYN: B35 LTD at 5.6 mph
QUEENS: Q58 at 7.0 mph
STATEN ISLAND: S48 at 8.1 mph

Here are the most unreliable buses for each borough:

MANHATTAN: M4 with 28.3% of buses unreliable
STATEN ISLAND: S78 with 25.8% of buses unreliable
BRONX: Bx41 with 21.8% of buses unreliable
BROOKLYN: B15 with 20.1% of buses unreliable
QUEENS: No Queens bus had unreliability above 20%, meaning none earned a Schleppie Award

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