Pre-fare hike MetroCards won't expire until August

(Credit: Urbanite)

By Heather Haddon

Straphangers will get some breathing room when the MTA fare increase kicks in.

Riders who buy an unlimited MetroCard before the June 28 fare hike and swipe it by July 6 can continue to use it, NYC Transit officials said.

Grace periods for unlimited MetroCards are as follows:

• Monthly MetroCards will last until Aug. 4

• 14-Day cards will be valid through July 19

• Weekly cards will last until July 12

• Single-day unlimited cards will be valid through July 6

Riders who activate their unlimited MetroCards by July 6 but don’t use them can mail them to the MTA for a refund after Aug. 4, officials said.With the fare hike, base subway and bus fares will rise by a quarter, to $2.25. The cost of monthly MetroCards will increase from $81 to $89. A 14-day card will rise to $51.50, a weekly card will cost $27 and a one-day pass will increase to $8.25.

The MTA is raising fares by an average of 10 percent to help plug a $1.8 billion budget deficit.

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