Pregnant Kim Kardashian is high on heels

Kim Kardashain

Kim Kardashain (Credit: Kim Kardashain (Getty Images))

Mommy-to-be Kim Kardashian isn’t packing up the high heels any time soon.

“My theory is: happy mommy, happy baby. So whatever makes me feel good, I want to wear. And I love wearing heels,” Kardashian dished on “Good Morning America” Tuesday in an interview to promote her movie Tyler Perry’s Temptation.

Kardashian recently tweeted that she purchased flats, which she claimed hurt her back.

“Kourtney \[Kardashian\] warned me that when you become a mom or you become pregnant, there will be this whole new group of critics that will criticize you for everything you do,” Kardashian noted.

“I mean, if I wear one color of clothes, I’m in this kind of mood they think. Or if I wear heels, it’s harmful.”

Otherwise, Kanye’s baby mama said the pregnancy is going well. “I feel really good. I feel like I have so much energy. I’m not tired, I haven’t had morning sickness. I feel really lucky about that,” she said.  

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