Presidential dining partners? Maybe the choice depends on who's paying

President Barack Obama was the public's most preferred

President Barack Obama was the public's most preferred presidential dining companion. (Credit: Getty)

When asked which president they would most like to have dinner with in a recent survey, 21% of Americans polled selected President Barack Obama.

Obama was almost twice as popular with women as he was with men in the survey of 6,429 Americans conducted last month by ad agency DDB.

Curious how some other commanders-in-chief fared? Here are the percentages the most popular leaders drew in the survey:
21%: President Barack Obama
12%: Abraham Lincoln
9%: Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy
6%: George Washington
5%: Thomas Jefferson
3%: Teddy Roosevelt
2%: Franklin D. Roosevelt, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter
13%: “I wouldn’t want to have dinner with any of these presidents.”

When asked “What first lady do you admire most,” here were respondents’ top picks:
19%: Michelle Obama
13%: Hillary Clinton
10%: Jackie Kennedy
9%: Eleanor Roosevelt
6%: Nancy Reagan

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