Princess hair for a pauper's sum

(Credit: Urbanite)

Gorgeous locks don’t just get that way without a little work (unless you’re some freak of nature). And, in New York, you also need some moolah.

So imagine my excitement when I heard a salon was actually giving away highlights.

To bring on more hair clients, DEX New York (which is mostly a photography studio and makeup salon) is offering complimentary partial highlights until June 30. They usually start at $120.

I took DEX up on its offer Friday, plus forked over some dough for a haircut.

I was definitely happy with the results (and the flow of compliments that followed). The staff was also really friendly and attentive.

The only disappointing part of my experience was the extra $40 blow-dry fee tacked onto the price of my haircut. Ug.

That said, I really can't complain. Free hair services are like sample sales multiplied by ten.

— Julie Gordon

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