Quinn leaves news conference after heckler calls Bloomy 'pharaoh'

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (Credit: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. (Getty Images))

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn made a dramatic exit from a news conference Monday heralding the expected passage of the city's living wage bill when a member of the crowd criticized Mayor Michael Bloomberg - who has promised to veto the bill - by calling him a "pharaoh."

"In a democracy, people have the right to have different views, and we do not have the right to then call them names," she said in videos posted online.

The bill requires businesses that receive major tax breaks from the city to pay workers at least $10 an hour on economic development projects. Bloomberg has threatened to sue the City Council if they overturn his expected veto.

"Congratulations on the bill," Quinn said as she left. "I'm not going to participate in name calling." 

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