Recon/NORT opens secret B'klyn discount outpost

(Credit: Urbanite)

The Lafayette Street sneakerhead mecca Recon/NORT has opened a limited-time-only warehouse outpost on Roebling Street in Williamsburg. We stumbled upon it yesterday in an unmarked garage space between North 5th and 6th streets.

The exterior is plain Army green when the metal grate is pulled down. It keeps limited hours - as far as when it's open, the people at the Lafayette store said, "It's basically open whenever they feel like opening the gate." According to the sales guy inside, it will be open on-and-off through the end of summer.

Now the important stuff - the store's signature limited-edition Nikes are on sale for $40. T-shirts on sale for $10. Regular store prices range from around $80 to $160. So we suggest you get one of these, and wait for the metal gate to rise:

-- Lauren Johnston

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