Rick Perry bashes New York in ad to attract businesses to Texas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (Credit: Texas Gov. Rick Perry (Getty Images))

Texas Gov. Rick Perry threw a gauntlet at the Empire State Wednesday in an attempt to woo employers to his neighborhood.

The former presidential candidate stars in a TV ad that urges businesses to come to Texas by painting New York as a heavy taxer and business-unfriendly state. "If you're tired of the same old recipe . . . get out before you get broke," Perry says in the ad.

The commercial also takes a jab at Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to ban large sugary drinks.

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo fought back against the ad's claims during a news conference Wednesday, while touting his plan to have tax-free communities near SUNY schools. "Our program goes one better: You can stay in New York, pay no income tax and you don't have to move to Texas, you can live in New York," he said.

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