Rihanna, Chris Brown drop 'Birthday Cake,' 'Turn Up the Music'


Rihanna (Credit: Getty Images)

The absurd, bordering-on-obscene saga continues. You know, the one that has Rihanna communicating - and now recording - with ex-BF Chris Brown three years after he beat her bloody at a pre-Grammy bash in L.A.

Monday - which happened to be RiRi's 24th birthday - the singer released a full-length version of her song "Birthday Cake" featuring vulgar new verses by her abusive ex Brown, 23.

"Girl, I wanna ---- you right now. Been a long time I been missing your body," Brown shockingly sings on the remix. "Lemme, lemme turn the lights down. When I, when I go down, it's a private party."

Brown also tweeted a link to the new version of his song "Turn Up the Music," which featured additional verses by Rihanna; the "We Found Love" singer later retweeted it.

Reports say the pair recorded their parts separately, not together in the studio.

Clearly, Rihanna is either doing this for shock value or just asking for trouble - and despite the fact that she portrays herself musically as a strong, modern woman, we're really starting to have some serious doubts.

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