Saving at Starbucks

You don’t have to give up your coffee habit just because times are tough.
Store manager Damien Zamudio gave us his tips for saving at Starbucks.

1)Buy a tumbler. Tumblers are for sale at Starbucks (most are less than $10), but bring any tumbler, and you’ll receive 10 cents off your drink.

2)Tea lover? Bring your own bags. Starbucks doesn’t charge for hot water, so if you bring your own tea bag, it’s free. You can also buy a single tea bag for 45 cents. Combined with tip #1 and you've got a 35-cent beverage.

3) Breakfast for $3.95. Any tall hot coffee can be paired with a breakfast sandwich for $3.95. (You can even make it your lunch!)

4)Ask for your iced drink in a larger cup. If you don’t want ice to dilute your drink, as for a tall drink in a grande cup and a grande drink in a venti cup. This way, you won’t sacrifice your drink for ice.

5)Grab a treat receipt. Through Sept. 28, if you get a drink before 2 p.m., the cashier should give you a yellow receipt good for a $2 iced grande drink after 2 p.m. If you don’t get one, ask for it specifically.

6) Register your Starbucks gift card. If you get a gift card, register the number online (at You’ll get a variety of benefits, including free refills on iced and hot coffees and iced teas, plus two hours free wi-fi daily.

7)Get refills. Coffee refills (both brewed and iced, and iced tea as well) are 50 cents+tax.


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