So get this: DNA doesn't prove that Bigfoot exists (Mr. Spock and the Six Million Dollar Man sigh)

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The Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar man enjoy the 1970s with

their pal, Bigfoot.

Ahh, Bigfoot.

Anyone around in the 1970s knows America couldn't get enough of good old Sasquatch during that strange decade. Which is why all the talk this week of the "discovery" of Bigfoot's corpse (some of the DNA was from, uhh, an opossum) had us waxing for the last time America went Bigfoot crazy, that decade when the guy who played Mr. Spock on "Star Trek" went hunting for him in the wilds of Washington State and the "Six Million Dollar Man" went mano a mano with our Nair-deprived monster.

First off, no Bigfoot enthusiast's understanding and appreciation of the subject is complete without watching the episode of "In Search Of" where Leonard Nimoy and his investigative crew earnestly tackle the subject. This precursor to today's reality TV shows completely wigged us out as a kid: The spooky synth music, the creepy theme song, the muddy film prints, the haunting narration by Mr. Nimoy. This show is about as 1970s as it gets.

Well, come to think of it, the "Six Million Dollar Man" episode where Steve Austen battles Bigfoot may well be the very definition of 1970s cheese. Through the wonders of YouTube, this epic disco-era battle -- up there in significance with umpteenth showing of "Battle of the Network Stars" -- is preserved for all the world to see -- and struggle to understand.

Your Bigfoot bonaza awaits below:

"In Search of Bigfoot," in three parts

"The Six Million Dollar Man" vs. Bigfoot

-- Rolando Pujol

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