"So You Think You Can Lap Dance?"

(Credit: Urbanite)

First they brought you the "Ashley Dupre look-alike" contest.

And now, those same brilliant marketing minds at the midtown "gentlemen's club" Headquarters are striking again with a pervy take on this blogger's favorite reality show: "So You Think You Can Dance."

At this late-nite club for ladies of the night, it's going to be "So You Think You Can Lap Dance." Sigh.

What would poor Nigel say? And what about Mary? The lap dance plan clearly exceeds the parameters of her "Hot Tamale Train."

But anyway, enough of that prudy sort of speculation and on to the vitals for those of you out there who DO think you can lap dance. And please note: the bulletin on this event doesn't say anything about the contestants being ladies only. Lap dancers, we wish you good luck.

WHEN: Today at 10 p.m.

WHERE: HQ, 552 W. 38th St.

MORE INFO: 212-967-4646.

Tags: zany , manhattan , entertainment

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