Spike Lee talks new movie, Knicks future and his fave superhero

Spike Lee

Spike Lee (Credit: (Getty Images))

Brooklyn's Spike Lee returns to his roots with the new movie "Red Hook Summer," which was shot on location and with Lee's own money.

The world's most-famous Knicks fan sat down to talk about the film and more.This is your first self-financed movie in more than 26 years. How has your filmmaking style changed? Nothing's changed. You've got to make a movie. I go back and forth making independent and studio films. I enjoy both. For me, it's not an either or.

What was it like to film on the streets of Red Hook? It's the same as it was shooting "Do the Right Thing" in Bed Stuy or "Clockers" in Gowanus or "He Got Game" in Coney Island ... I know Brooklyn.

The movie confronts the fact that kids are glued to the TV these days. Why does that interest you? I have teenage kids, 17 and 15. I see their friends and that's what they do. If you let them, they'll stay in front of the screen.

Recently there has been a surge in shootings citywide. Do you think the community is doing enough to curb violence? We need stronger gun laws. Those guns are smuggled into New York City, and these are the guns that are ending up in the hands of the brothers that are killing each other.

What are your thoughts on the NYPD's "stop and frisk" tactic? I think they need to find a middle ground. Hopefully they can find a balance between the community leaders, the police commissioner, Bloomberg and they can all work it out.

The Barclays Center opens next month in Brooklyn. Are you excited about its opening? I'm looking forward to seeing the Knicks play there. It should be fun.

What are your predictions for the Knicks this season? We need to get past the first round. We have to.

Would you ever direct a superhero movie? No. My superhero is Malcolm X. He didn't fly. No cape, no tights.

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