Street Level: Around Columbus Circle

(Credit: Urbanite)

I was passing through the Columbus Circle hub on a recent warm day and two things caught my eye and slowed my pace. As I came out of the subway I saw a lone stranger under the Globe looking down upon the commuters. He did not move - and all I could think was that he appeared, both physically and figuratively, to have the weight of the world upon his shoulders.....

The Trump building's globe

As I moved downtown to 57th Street, a glint of sunlight bounced off a building causing me to look up (which as a New Yorker, we almost never do.) I stopped to admire the Hearst Building - with its mix of old and new architectural styles. I know many opposed the building of the nicknamed "lava lamp" above the old structure, but it still attracts the eye with its odd glamour. A little revolutionary and evolutionary, no?

-- Liz Esquirol

The Hearst Building

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